Saturday, August 15, 2009

World's Most Amazing Coffee

No, it's not from Chile, I think I mentioned they are Nescafe aficionados there, which I still can't figure out. Anyway, my sister went to Hawaii in January and I asked her to pick up some Kona coffee for me; I've had it before and thought it was fantastic. She did indeed bring me back some Kona coffee but apparently it's SUPER expensive so it was just a 10% blend but they labeled it Kona anyway. Cheaters. However, she and her husband happened upon a little lady who roasts her own coffee and when they asked why Kona was so expensive, she dismissed it as swill and proclaimed hers infinitely better. Well, I don't think Kona is swill but I have to admit, this coffee was absolutely perfect; complex, caramel hints, balanced without being acidic. So, this is a super boring post that I'm mostly writing to document the contact information for this woman, should you or anyone you know be in Hawaii. I've had the empty bag sitting around here for weeks and I keep telling myself to write it down so I can get rid of all this trash cluttering up my apartment! Without further ado,

Poppi Beanz
100% Maui Grown, Kaanpali Estate
Red Catuai Beanz

Full City Roast by Haz Beanz Coffeehouse
115 Baldwin Avenue
Paia, HI

Normally I'd write off anyone who spells "beans" with a "z" but I'll let her slide on this one, it's that good. Get me bag or two please if you are in Hawaii!