Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving List

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I'm a week behind on the list. I did write it a week before Thanksgiving, I'll blame it on my rigorous work schedule and general malaise surrounding anything that requires brainpower when I'm off of work. Thanksgiving was a little strange this year as I spent it away form family and friends and waited on rich people for twelve hours. Not all bad though, lest you're feeling sorry for me. My friend brought me a plate from his grandmother's that included some AMAZING oyster dressing and shrimp-mirliton stuffed bell pepper, plus some kick-ass sweet potato pie.

dental floss
discovery of new foodstuffs such as lucuma,merquen and machas
chilean wine and wineries
sunny days in November
learning to live with others again and also the intricacies of living with so many, multicultural people this year
getting unexpected gifts in the mail
all the 2009 baby girls in my life, Beatrix, Neely and Sadie
my beautiful and newly enlarged family
free shrimp boils on Friday nights
hot water heaters that don't need to be turned on with matches
clothes dryers
book-lending coworkers
the brief opportunity to be free and untethered
sunrise over Playa Ancha
phonetics, syntax, idioms
lentils and their endless yet still delicious iterations

Book: A Prayer for Owen Meany. It's not new but just read it this year.
Album: Javiera Mena and Kid Cudi
Movies: Ummm.??? I'd like to see Precious and the new Almodovar movie but haven't yet.
Meal: Prietas, pastel de choclo and ensalda chilena that Sebastian made for me my last day in Chile. Had some other very good meals in Chile with all my visitors including mango pisco sours, clams with ginger and lime, duck ravioli with port reduction, ostrich carpaccio!