Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catch Up

Since I have felt like life is an endless string of unreturned phone calls and emails, I haven't been able to attend to most basic tasks, much less the blog. I have (attempted) to write down little musings daily, which usually end up being about food. Let's catch up on what I've eaten since December.

12-3-09 Languedoc at the Delchaise with Alycia.

12-9-09 New haircut. Dinner at Ralph's. Wagyu beef.

12-13-09 Dinner with Adam and Kristin at Mr. B's. Grouper with crab meat. Pimm's cup at the Roosevelt Hotel.

12-14-09 Snifter of Frangelico, porch, lightning storm.

12-16-09 Oh my god, La Divina Gelateria, chesnut, honey, pinenuts and rosemary.

12-23-09 Package of cuccidati arrives in the mail from Mamma!

12-25-09 Christmas in Slidell with the Boos family.

1-1-10 Life is beautiful.

1-3-10 Dinner with Ben at the Orleans Grapevine.

1-6-10 Horinoya! Black sesame ice cream is my new obsession.

1-7-10 Wake up at the W, order room service, lounge in my robe. Dinner at the Butcher.

1-15-10 Off to Seattle. I love Beatrix!

1-16-10 Besalu for breakfast and afternoon naps, oh yes.

1-19-10 Lunch with Nika at Boat Street Cafe, dinner with Anna-Beth at Quinn's pub and salted caramel ice cream at Molly Moon's.

1-21-10 My Lucy girl turns three!

2-7-10 Holy shit, did the Saints just win the Super Bowl?

2-8-2010 Pho Tau Bay with Ben and Alycia, Sucre, early birthday dinner for Ben at Cochon.

2-13-10 Endymion! Champagne! Smoked meat!

2-18-10 Mahoney's makes a po-boy with fried green tomatoes, grilled shrimp and remoulade.

2-21-10 Ben finally cooks for me! Grilled steaks and shrimp with brie.

2-25-10 Off to Baton Rouge to see Amy, Neely and Donovan. Beautiful day with my babies. Le Chat Noir and sushi.

2-26-10 I'm 31! Doberge cake for breakfast. Oysters and champagne for lunch with Paul and Emily. More oysters and chamapagne with Ben at Luke.

3-2-10 Off. 25 cent oysters at Luke. Chesnut ice cream at Angelo Brocato's.

3-3-10 The view at Second Line movie studio is AMAZING!

3-10-10 Tulane wants to interview me TOMORROW. Holy shite.

3-11-10 Driving down Dumaine to work, I noticed the trees abloom in the early greens, whites and purples.

3-13-10 Went to New Orleans Museum of Art for the "Dreams Come True" exhibit, which details Disney's fairy tales. Favorite was illustrations for Sleeping Beauty,done by Eyvind Earle.

3-15-10 Finally get a nice day when I'm off to eat the first crawfish of the season, sitting on the levee with my baby, watching the sunset.

3-16-10 Ben makes grilled redfish with a crawfish crystal-butter sauce, braised greens with andouille and a cajun hash. Every element perfect. Delicious with Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc.

3-17-10 I got the job!!!!!!!

3-19-10 Viva San Guiseppe! Missing Buffalo and my family. Went to St. Joseph's Cathedral to see the altar.

So I guess that's my life over the past three months. Now, lest you think life is all afternoon snoozes and dinners with my love, please know I didn't want to bore you with savory nuggets like "Time change and a LONG. ASS. DOUBLE." Or "Clocked out with 34 hours in three days. Dead tired." But overall, life is good, I'm eating well. More to come.