Monday, October 3, 2011

Oyster Stout

Meh, not a fan. Especially not for the $4 or $5 dollars I paid for one measly bottle. I'd be just as content drinking a Guinness, which is not as bitter nor as expensive.

Here's what the experts have to say:

"Sweet and roasted flavors of dark malts, caramel, dark chocolate, wood, and something that I could see being described as barbequed oysters."

"The first smell is light cocoa, the second is a barely discernible salty ocean, I'm not playing into the name, it really has it. Some cherries and Goldings hops aroma.
Roasted malts and heavy chocolates, some light smoke and a little salt water taffy, not salty though just the taffy."

First, I call you out on BBQ oysters. I love BBQ oysters and this tasted not a bit like them. In fact, I dare say you have never even tasted BBQ oysters. Second, cherries, chocolate, the ocean and taffy? Not only did I not pick up on any of this, it doesn't sound like a winning combo in my book. And finally, do you see that twisty, wire ring around the cap? Well, it broke off and the bottle doesn't open like a regular cap would so it spilled 1/4 of the bottle out all over me and the counter before I got it off. Quirky and different is only cool if it also works.