Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Cake Week" or "I Work in the Best Office Ever"

Caution: You may get diabetes just from reading this post

I love my coworkers, I really do, and for many reasons. The following tale should clue you in on at least one of those reasons. So, a while ago, Kristin was creating our February/March office calendar, you know, meeting on this date, deadline here etc. As she colored in a cake on the Tuesday, February 26th box (my birthday aka the best day of the year)she had a very disturbing realization. You see, everyone here requests what cake they would like on their birthdays at our annual staff retreat and everyone, not just the birthday boy/girl, looks forward to cake day. Kristin isn't in the office on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, meaning she would miss cake day. So that Krisitin wouldn't miss out on cake, we jokingly dubbed the entire week Cake Week and we all got a chuckle out of the calendar every time we glanced that way.

Well, I knew my coworkers were incredible but I underestimated them. Kristin strolled in Monday morning, now known as Day One of Cake Week, with a tray full of pizelles with almond paste that her grandmother had lovingly prepared. I love little, Italian grandmothers who bake. Anyway, I really was surprised and pleased that it appeared Cake Week was no pipe dream, but a real-life, fantastic new holiday. As if that wasn't enough, Bill came back in the afternoon with two pieces of cheesecake because, well, perhaps because pizelles aren't really cake and we were really trying to stick to a most rigid definition.

I have to take a quick break from Cake Week to tell you that the very same night, on the eve of my first 29th birthday, N. very thoughtfully brought over real French champagne and this really great Green&Black's organic white chocolate ice cream with strawberries. Because I probably needed more sugar. Incidentally, if you wait until your actual birthday to drink champagne and eat dessert, I would advise you to change that up. It's really grand the other way.

Back to Cake Week. You should know that I ate leftover cheesecake for breakfast. It's my birthday, I do what I wanna! Sadly, N. was very sick and so our romantic lunch date was postponed, meaning those marvelous coworkers of mine decided to order me a pizza. I mean, I shared it with them but you know what I'm saying. I thought that pizza would take the place of cake but no, no. I was rewarded with cupcakes. At that point, I was feeling a little queasy so I decided to do a little retail therapy to work it off. I probably burned a ton of calories walking around Target.

Finally, off to Tasty Tuesday with my girls and girl-like boys. I already posted about our wonderful sushi feast and divine chocolate cake by Meg (By the way girl, you should start a business! You can bake!)

Day Three of Cake Week has dawned and I was pretty sure that all the leftover cupcakes from yesterday would suffice. I mean, technically, if we're eating cake, it's still Cake Week. Well, don't you know that Young Devan stepped out of the office for a bit and brought back cannoli, even one for my sick boy at home! Weirdly, I am feeling a little sleepy, sluggish and fluttery (Sugar crash? Hmmm.) but more than anything, very loved.

We are only halfway through the week and I'm quite certain I've gained 30 lbs but nonetheless, Cake Week has made us all so happy that we are writing it into our budget and strategic plan for success and longevity. It will give us all something to look forward to the last week of February and who doesn't need that? Two more days of cake week!

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