Wednesday, February 20, 2008


N. and I went out for dinnner recently and while I was too full for dessert, thankfully N. wasn't and he ordered a really unique and delicious dessert. It was a Napoleon, layered with apples, walnuts and poppy seeds and paired with an English ale ice cream. It was so tasty that I went to buy the ingredients at the store to attempt re-creation. The ice cream, I won't be able to make and wouldn't know how to even if I had the equipment. The beer taste was evident but it had a fantastic, caramel flavor as well. Anyway, I'll take a crack at working with the dreaded phyllo dough and I will keep you posted on the results, coming this weekend!


karima said...

What restaurant?

HLP- other half said...

sounds absolutely delicious-- im anxiously awaiting the post!!